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Streaming TV is the new advertising king

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Each day new media of advertising get devised, and currently, the corporate world is lucky to experience the explosiveness of Streaming TV. This is a relatively new medium, but it is growing incredibly fast, with more entities turning to its magic.

More consumers continue to migrate from old television sets to internet-enabled smart televisions. Even better, they have an option to access content with whatever devices they have, from TVs to mobile devices. The increase in the range of use of internet-enabled devices and the demand for content makes streaming TV a fertile field where advertisers can sow their seeds and expect good returns.

What does streaming tv entail?

In the simplest terms possible, Streaming TV advertising is any form of a paid advertisement hosted on streaming services such as YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix, among other media. The ads run for between 15 and 30 seconds, but they reach an incredible number of viewers.

Top streaming tv services

The number of streaming TV service providers continues to increase each day, but the following are among the most established ones available:

  • Netflix

  • Hulu

  • Amazon Prime Video

  • YouTube TV

  • HBO Now and HBO Go

  • PlayStation Vue

  • Crunchyroll

  • iTunes / Google Play Store

  • Sling TV

  • Crackle

  • Twitch

The benefits of advertising with streaming tv

Streaming TV is already a popular advertising medium, and most of the biggest corporate entities are already on board. Advertising with Prince Digital for instance, comes with the following benefits:

Multiple means of access

Presenting your ads via streaming TV allows you the pleasure of tracking, measuring, and optimizing your content accordingly and in real-time. This means you can change content, adjust colors, or enhance your ad aesthetically instantly. Even better, you can measure your ads’ performance so you can modify or tweak where need be for more effectiveness and efficiency. You can tell when your advertising campaign is failing or when it is thriving, so you can adjust appropriately.

High agility levels

Traditional TV allowed advertising on the TV screen alone but streaming TV is accessible via numerous types of devices. You can connect via smart TVs, smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, or any other internet-connected device of your choice. Consequently, it offers an entity multiple ways of presenting a brand to its target audiences.

It is very affordable

Streaming TV advertising gives you control of the audience, the budget, and your ads’ performance. You get to decide your target audience and budget according to the depth of your pockets. Even better, you can optimize your ads’ performance as much as you wish within the limits of your budget.

Better target audience segmentation

Traditional TV appeals to whoever turns on the TV no matter the demographics. This means your ad may not reach the intended audience, making it even harder to analyze performance. Streaming TV, on the other hand, makes it easy to coin your ads according to not only the needs of your audience but also the demographics. It allows you to mine user-personal data so you can personalize your ads as much as possible.

How to create an ideal ad for streaming tv advertising

As much as Streaming TV presents you with the best platforms to run your ads, you have to know how to coin your ads accordingly. When creating your content for the ad, consider the following critical factors:

  • The audience; Know your audience and coin your content according to their needs.

  • The ideal type of ad; make it as informational as possible

  • Use of CTAs


Streaming TV advertising is the way to go for any esteemed corporate entity or those looking to breakthrough. With the help of an expert, even small businesses can harness the magic of these media to establish themselves in the market.

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